The youth is the present and the future, such initiatives are empowering the youth to act and demand accountability and integrity in society. Great initiative

Hassan Mwatondo – Treasurer KWEA

It all starts with us. We are the peacemakers and each individual has a way of helping one another. Humbled and thank you.

Sabina Saiti – CEO KWEA

Thanks, MD many regards from my entire family, we love all your Educative issues on women be blessed sister

Abdalla Mchera – Volunteer

Thanks for the visit Sabina Saiti we really appreciate your presence and the presentation was very inclusive indeed

Swaleh Mohamed – Youth Partner

Good work KWEA. May you continue with the same spirit. If we can’t assist our little angels, who else will do?

Bechone Mwaruwa – Youth

Wow! Great opportunity to build the capacity of teachers as lead mentors to youth.

Nimoyo Salim– Member