Menstrual Hygiene Mgt

We donate Sanitary towels to 13 Primary Schools every term. Each Student Receives 4 packs

Integrity Clubs

The project supports students in 62 Secondary Schools to act with honesty, integrity, and equality

Social Accountability

A community program that seeks to transform public participation from an event into a process.

Motivational Talks

We offer motivational talks to students to ensure they improve their performance.

Scholarship Program

The program is funded by the community and the Segal Family Foundation with 21 beneficiaries.

Charity Walk

The event is a sensitization and fundraising fora aimed at improving girl child’s access to education

Book Campaign

It entails mobilizing for books to be donated to primary schools. Beneficiaries get storybooks and course books.

Sexual & Reproductive Health

sought to support teenagers with life skills to make healthy and informed sexual and reproductive health choices.